As the name suggests, smallblog is a small project that assists in generating blogs and simple websites from a collection of markdown files. There are many other programs to accomplish similar things but I was not impressed by how quickly they grew in complexity. Smallblog is designed to be clean and simple while still easily hackable or extendable for those who require a very specific use case.

This site is generated using smallblog and the source is available here.


Smallblog will look through the supplied directory (and any directories underneath it) for markdown files. It will then render them to html, applying any templates specified, and place the corresponding html file besides the original. If any file names or paths look like they might be a date (YYYY.MM.DD), smallblog will use that to sort your files chronologically.

Once smallblog has generated all your html files it will also generate and place a few extra indexing files in your main folder. By default, there will be an index with the top few recent posts, a list of all posts (the archives), and a view of all posts sorted by tags.


(The full features and usage can always be found in the


The current version is smallblog.go v0.7 and is available on sourcehut.

Older versions are also available on sourcehut under the appropriately named branch:

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