Introducing smallcms

Posted on: Friday 11 Sep 2015

Smallcms is a simple content management system (CMS) for allowing sections of your front page to become dynamically editable. Smallcms is a perl CGI app that you can drop into most sites.

Smallcms will iterate over any tag with a class that ends in -editable and present it as a text box, making it ideal for quick news tickers and small boxes that need to be updated frequently, but don’t warrant adding a database to your site. The smallcms code is shorter than a page, and easy to understand. It currently does not offer any features except for <br> to \n conversions as appropriate. Smallcms does not care about it’s name; it is suggested that the binary is named something more appropriate, such as when installed.

Smallcms may be found on gitlab.

Tags: smallcms perl